Front Desk Staff

Patient Visit Flow Coordinator

Seth Hofmann



Seth joined the Penn Memory Center as part of Dr. Jason Karlawish’s research team in 2013. As Patient Visit Flow Coordinator, he personally assists patients and their families through the various aspects of evaluation and research appointments as well as the informed consent process. He graduated from Villanova University with a BA in Humanities in 2010. He is now attending Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia to obtain a Master’s degree in Health Education and Administration.

Psychometric Testing

Hannah McCoubrey



Hannah has been as psychometrician at the Penn Memory Center since 2004. She administers cognitive testing to patients and other research participants at the PMC, and conducts testing at outreach sites such as the Ann’s Choice Retirement Community in Warminster, PA. Hannah also coordinates the Stress, Cognition, and Resilience Study. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in History and Philosophy.

Peter Janis



Peter joined the Penn Memory Center in 2007 as a psychometrician, following an undergraduate internship here. He administers cognitive testing to patients and research participants, and also screens individuals off-site for recruitment purposes. He is a graduate of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia’s Health Psychology program, with a concentration in neuropsychology and assessment.

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Psychosocial Services

Felicia Greenfield, LCSW



Felicia Greenfield joined the Penn Memory Center in 2006. As the Associate Director for Clinical and Research Operations, Felicia manages the day-to-day operations for the Penn Memory Center. She is involved in long-term strategic planning for the Center and oversees PMC program development.

A licensed clinical social worker, Felicia supervises MSW interns who provide counseling and education to patients and their families, she facilitates support groups for individuals (and their care partners) who have been newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and she is a co-facilitator in the Cognitive Fitness program. Felicia holds an MSW from the University of Pennsylvania.

Jane Reitmeyer, MSW, LSW

Jane Reitmeyer 200x280


Jane Bonner Reitmeyer, MSW, LSW is a licensed Pennsylvania social worker with nearly 20 years experienced in healthcare with a specialization in geriatrics.  Jane began her professional  experience as an inpatient Social Worker at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  More recently, Jane was the Social Worker with the outpatient practice of University of Pennsylvania Health System, Division of Geriatrics.

Jane received her Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Rosemont College.


Natalie Jengo


Natalie Jengo joined Penn Memory Center in September 2014. She graduated from Rowan University in 2013 with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She is currently a second-year MSW student at the University of Pennsylvania.
During her year-long internship at the Penn Memory Center, Natalie will work as a health educator, helping families better understand their diagnoses as well as providing resources and support. She will also participate as a co-facilitator in our psycho-educational group for caregivers, offer resources to patients and their families in the Geriatric Psychiatry department as a part of the Ralston House, and be involved with other PMC programs and services.

Raquel Perlman


Raquel Perlman received her BA in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently a second-year student in Penn’s Master of Social Work program. She is a fellow in the Penn Aging Certificate program, and will receive specialized training in geriatric social work.

 As an intern at the Penn Memory Center, Raquel will work as a health educator, guiding and supporting families through their diagnosis. She will co-faciliate the cognitive fitness class, caregiver class, and be involved with other PMC programs and services.

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Research Project Coordination

Molly Daffner

Daffner 200.253


Molly joined the Penn Memory Center in August 2014 as a Research Specialist for Dr. David Wolk. She received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology from Georgetown University in 2011. Afterwards, she joined Teach for America in New Orleans. Molly currently works on EmPCAD and ASL-PET studies as well as data collection, management, and analysis for these and other studies.

Shira Blady



Shira joined the Penn Memory Center in May 2013 as a Clinical Research Coordinator on Dr. Arnold’s team. She graduated from Drexel University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2008 and has since been working on various research projects at Penn, including studies in sleep, tobacco use and opiate addiction. In the future, she wishes to pursue a degree as a Physician’s Assistant.

Martha Combs



Martha joined the Penn Memory Center in 2010 after working at Sanofi Aventis as a Clinical Project Assistant and elsewhere as a research coordinator on psychiatric studies. Currently, as a Senior Research Coordinator, she works with patients and families completing several studies including IGIV, LFAN and GE005. She also guides the efforts of her assigned research coordinators, and manages interaction between the PMC and the Penn Institutional Review Board (IRB), the body which regulates protocol and conduct of university research studies. Martha has a BS from Boston College and an MS from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) – Hartford Graduate Center campus.

Jamie Czerniakowski



Jamie is a research coordinator working with Dr. Steven Arnold’s team on the A4 study.  Previously she was employed as a Therapeutic Recreation Associate for ACTS Retirement-Life Communities. Jamie is a Penn Certified Clinical Research Coordinator. She has a BA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Liberal Arts/Art History.

Tigist Hailu



Tigist joined the Penn Memory Center in January 2013 as a Coordinator for Diversity in Research. She graduated from Franklin and Marshall College with a bachelor’s in Public Health Psychology and Africana Studies. She is currently a part time student in the Master of Public Health Program at University of Pennsylvania. As the Coordinator for Diversity in Research, she works to develop, implement and monitor the Penn Memory Center’s multicultural recruitment with a particular focus on increasing participation within the African American community in NACC and other research studies with the Penn Prevention Research Center’s Healthy BRAIN Center, a member of the CDC supported Healthy BRAIN Network, dedicated to surveillance, education, awareness, and empowerment that promotes brain health.

Kristin Harkins



Kristin joined Dr. Karlawish’s research team in 2007. She works on the SOKRATES interview study; the Risk Evaluation and Education for Alzheimer’s Disease (REVEAL) study; and other activities for the Penn Prevention Research Center’s Healthy BRAIN Center, a member of the CDC supported Healthy BRAIN Network, dedicated to surveillance, education, awareness, and empowerment that promotes brain health. She graduated from Truman State University with a major in psychology and a minor in statistical methods. Currently, she is a part-time student in the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Public Health Program.

Ivy Mesa



Ivy joined the Penn Memory Center in 2006, assisting research participants, patients, families, and clinicians as part of the front office team. In 2011, she began a new role, as appointment manager for Latino study participants, and visit scheduler for the more than 400 patients and normal controls active in our NACC research program. Ivy is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

Jessica Nuñez



Jessica began working at the Penn Memory Center part-time while a high school student. She now coordinates studies, currently including ADNI 2 and Pfizer-Bapi; conducts screenings and administers psychometic testing to Spanish-speaking patients and study participants, and assists as needed with patient visit flow. Jessica is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

Grace Stockbower



Grace joined the Penn Memory Center in June of 2013 as a Research Specialist for Dr. David Wolk. She currently is working on the ASL-PET and EmPCAD studies. She received a BS in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience from Haverford College in 2013.


Angela Ddamba


Angela joined the Penn Memory Center in January 2014 as a community outreach volunteer and has been assisting Tigist Hailu. Angela is a student in the Penn Alumni Program and received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and African Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011. She currently works as a research specialist in Dr. Christopher Lengner’s laboratory in the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. She is interested in learning more about Alzheimer’s disease given its rising incidence in the aging population. Specifically, she is working to increase African American participation in the Center’s studies because of her dedication to the improvement of health outcomes for minorities. Angela’s interest in the health of minority communities stems from her college days, when she co-founded the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS). In the near future, Angela hopes to attend medical school.

Arun Pilania


Arun joined the Penn Memory Center in January 2014 as a research volunteer and has been assisting Research Coordinator Shira Blady. Arun is a post-baccalaureate student at Penn and received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from William Paterson University in 2012. He has volunteered with other departments, including cardiovascular research and surgical-ortho trauma unit in the past year-and-a-half, and has been mentoring  incoming pre-med volunteers since January 2013. Arun plan to attend medical school in the near future.

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Project Management & Strategic Support

Scott Reid



Scott Reid joined Penn memory center in September 2013 as Coordinator/Facilitator. Mr. Reid has a master’s degree in art therapy from Drexel University and has worked as a program coordinator and manager at the Alzheimer’s Association since 2008 where he created, implemented, and developed social engagement programs including the two pilot program for early-stage dementia, the REC Program, and Peer-to-Peer Outreach Program. Mr. Reid is a skilled group facilitator and will teach Cognitive Fitness classes under the direction of Dr. Mechanic-Hamilton.

Kathryn Jedrziewski, PhD



Dr. Kathryn Jedrziewski, Deputy Director of Penn’s Institute on Aging (IOA) since 2001, also serves as Alzheimer’s Disease Core Center (ADCC) Administrator. In that role, she is active in a nationwide network of fellow Center administrators on issues relating to the administration of NIH/NIA funds.

Dr. Jedrziewski received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 1991. She has worked in gerontology and geriatrics for the past thirty years.

Barbara Overholser

DSC_0484 2


Barbara joined the Penn Memory Center in July 2013. She earned her Bachelor’s of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and her MA in Communications from Temple University. She writes, edits and designs the Penn Memory Center’s quarterly print newsletter, InSight. She also assists Dr. Karlawish’s team in activities in the Outreach, Recruitment and Education Core and helps maintain the Penn Memory Center website. She is also the editor of, a creative space for understanding the past, present and future of Alzheimer’s disease.

Produced by the Penn Neurodegenerative Disease Ethics and Policy program and the Outreach, Recruitment, and Education Core of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at the University of Pennsylvania; and made possible by a startup grant from MetLife Foundation, launched in September 2014.

Making Sense of Alzheimer’s is an evolving forum for conversation about the disease. Its collection of  ideas captures the many dimensions  of Alzheimer’s, through the perspective of caregivers, patients, artists, researchers and clinicians. Utilizing multi-media formats such as slideshows, video, and audio clips, along with written stories, the site explores the changing understanding of what Alzheimer’s is and how this affects our ethics and ideas of personhood.

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Business & Administrative Support

Maria Crudele


Maria joined the Geriatric Psychiatry Section in 2007 as Dr. Arnold’s Administrative Assistant and took on support for Penn Memory Center business matters in 2008. Maria assists Dr. Arnold, Eileen Mergliano, and Felicia Greenfield in all administrative, faculty affairs, and financial activities for the PMC. She has an AS degree in Business Administration from Peirce College.

Eileen Mergliano



Eileen joined the Penn Memory Center and the Geriatric Psychiatry Section in June 2013 as the Business Administrator. She handles financial accounts, grant submissions, and general business activity of the PMC and Geriatric Psychiatry. Eileen has worked in business and grant administration at Penn since 2008.

Data Analysis

Dina Appleby



Dina joined the Penn Memory Center in 2012 as a biostatistician after working for four years in the University of Pennsylvania’s Biostatistics Analysis Center (BAC). She provides statistical analysis and assists with data management for a variety of PMC research studies. Dina has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech and an MS in Applied Statistics from West Chester University.

Information Technology & Database Management

Rui Tong

Rui Tong

Rui Tong joined the Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research (CNDR) and Penn Center for Bioinformatics (PCBI) as part of Dr. Li-San Wang’s research team in 2012. He took part in developing and using the pipelines to analyze various next-generation sequencing projects. He also participated in developing and maintaining Penn Integrated Neurodegenerative Disease Database (INDD) as well as other informatics projects for the centers. In 2013, he began a new role as the data manager for ADC, PMC, CNDR and several other collaborating centers, managing all IT and database-related infrastructures and operations. He has a BS in computer science from the National University of Singapore.

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