Barbara Overholser


Barbara joined the Penn Memory Center in July 2013. She earned her Bachelor’s of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and her MA in Communications from Temple University. She writes, edits and designs the Penn Memory Center’s quarterly print newsletter, InSight. She also assists Dr. Karlawish’s team in activities in the Outreach, Recruitment and Education Core and helps maintain the Penn Memory Center website. She is also the editor of, a creative space for understanding the past, present and future of Alzheimer’s disease.

Produced by the Penn Neurodegenerative Disease Ethics and Policy program and the Outreach, Recruitment, and Education Core of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at the University of Pennsylvania; and made possible by a startup grant from MetLife Foundation, launched in September 2014.

Making Sense of Alzheimer’s is an evolving forum for conversation about the disease. Its collection of  ideas captures the many dimensions  of Alzheimer’s, through the perspective of caregivers, patients, artists, researchers and clinicians. Utilizing multi-media formats such as slideshows, video, and audio clips, along with written stories, the site explores the changing understanding of what Alzheimer’s is and how this affects our ethics and ideas of personhood.