We gratefully acknowledge these donors for their gifts to the Penn Memory Center, a National Institute on Aging-designated Alzheimer’s Disease Center.


Gifts received from April 2013 – October 2014


Gifts of $100,000

  • Julius H. Caplan Charity Foundation

Gifts of $76,000

  • Ms. Albina M. Scheel

Gifts of $25,000

  • The Hofmann Family Fund

Gifts of $10,000

  • The McKeown Foundation

Gifts of $5,000

In honor of Pat and Duncan Shaw
  • Anonymous
In honor of Dr. Wolk and Memory Loss Research
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles French

Gifts $4,500-4,999

In memory of Raymond Merena
  • Mr. Robert Brueggeman
  • Mrs. Sandra G. Chambers
  • Ms. Rosemary L. Clancey
  • Mrs. Judy W. Cole
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Corssley, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. David J. Dopp
  • Yvonne Dumont Finch
  • Yvonne Dumont Finch Trust
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brandford W. Gile
  • Ms. Mary Ann Jasienowski
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Klimm
  • Leone, McDonnell & Roberts
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Linde
  • Mrs. Patricia R. Merena
  • Ms. Charlotte S. Moore
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Muller
  • Mr. and Mrs. William D. Perkins
  • Ms. Diane Perna
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jesse M. Putney
  • Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Rose
  • Rossway Moore Swan
  • Lawrence N. Rouff, D.D.S. 
  • Mr. and Mrs. John C. Sandeen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Steele
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Wentworth

Gifts $2,000 – 2,499

  • Ms. Catherine P. Durkin
  • Dr. Richard G. Fried and Dr. Fern G. Fried

Gifts $1,500 – 1,999

  • Mr. Brian Bergin Rigney
  • Deutsche Bank
In memory of Mary Ann Tumminelli
  • Mr. Louis Bonaventura
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Bonventura
  • Ms. Kelly A. Cook
  • Ms. Natalie A. Costello
  • Ms. Susan Jin Davis
  • Ms. Patricia F. DeRose
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Foster
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Gallagher
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Inverso, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jannetti
  • Ms. Jacqueline Kaplan
  • Ms. Susan J. Latour
  • Ms. Sophia Malatesta
  • Ms. Marguerite McCutcheon
  • Mrs. Carol A. Mingioni
  • Ms. Dorothy L. McDonald
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Momenee
  • Ms. Marita Mugler
  • Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Pasquarella
  • Ms. Kathleen D. Pellecchia
  • Mrs. Theresa M. Scaramuzza
  • Mrs. Dorothy M. Tutlo
  • Mrs. Angelina R. Vita
  • Ms. Lucille A. Vita
  • Ms. Kathryn H. Weber

Gifts $1,000 – $1,499

  • Dr. and Mrs. Henry S. Cecil
  • Mr. Henry Gorelick
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Hofmann

Gifts $500 – $999

  • Dr. Robert C. Forney and Ms. Marilyn Forney
  • Ms. Bernadette M. Gordon
  • Mrs. Edith Hostetter
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steve T. Min
In memory of Howard Arnold
  • Ms. Jeanne J. Arnold
In memory of Stanley P. Borzelleca
  • Mrs. Elizabeth A. Czop
  • Mrs. Marissa G. Czop-Bartholomew
  • Ms. Carmella G. Bozelleca DeSanto
  • Ms. Mary Fabris
  • Ms. Michele A. Fillippo
  • Dr. Robert C. Forney & Ms. Marilyn Forney
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale J. Giambrone
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Humbert
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Harrison
  • Mr. and Mrs. William J. Irwin
  • Ms. Anna Marie Pastorius
  • Mr. Donald F. Riley
  • Ms. Eugenia G. Romano
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Sandor
  • Mrs. Dorothy A. Seldis
  • Mrs. Roseann Weathers
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Yankosky 
In memory of Mr. Stephen C. C. Cheung
  • Mr. Jeffrey T. H. Cheung
In memory of Chris Clark
  • Ms. Ida Newman
In memory of Sidney Ivins
  • Ms. Cheryl F. Akawie
  • Steven D. Ivins, Esquire
  • Mr. Steven D. Lotwin
  • Mr. Tyler Whitehouse
  • Prudential Insurance Company of America
In memory of Gerard Thomas
  • Peter Thomas, D.O.
In honor of Peter A. Jones, Esq.
  • Ms. Regina G. Morano
In honor of Jason Karlawish, MD
  • Mr. George Nofer
In honor of Marianne Watson
  • Mr. John E. McDowell and the Christ Foundation

Gifts $250-499

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jack I. Grams
  • Mr. Carter Leidy and Ms. Antonia Hamilton
  • Ms. Josephine Sha
In memory of Howard Arnold
  • Independent Owners of the Thriftway Shop n Bag Stores
In memory of Eileen Curnane
  • Mr. and Mrs. John P. Neary
In memory of Joseph A. DeLorenzo
  • Rock-IT Cargo USA
In honor of Bruno DeSimone
  • Paul J. Macchi, MD
In memory of Diane Eisen
  • Mr. William B. Eisen
In memory of William S.H. Hough, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hough
In honor of Steven E. Arnold, MD
  • Mr. H. Peter Stern and Ms. Helen W. Drutt English

Gifts $100-249

  • Mr. and Mrs. Howard Arnold
  • Ms. Janet Burnham
  • Chester Cyzio, Esquire and Ms. Helen McElroy-Cyzio
  • Mr. and Mrs. James E. Davis
  • Mrs. Mary H. Dunn
  • Ms. Fay Durk
  • Diane K. and James H. Erwin
  • Mrs. Demetra Galazoudis
  • Mr. Gregg A. Geffen
  • Mr. John J. Keating
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Lawrence
  • Mr. Robert Lockyer
  • Ms. Reisa Mukamal
  • Ms. Louise Piotrowicz
  • Dr. and Mrs. Peter Randall
  • Dr. and Mrs. Donald V. Rhoads
  • Mrs. Evelyn Rosen-Wylen
  • Mr. John N. Rudolph, Jr.
  • Dr. Silas Ruiz
  • Mr. Jonathan Nutt and Ms. Lynne Santaniello
  • Mrs. Beatrice C. Showers
  • Mrs. Betty Franks Sykes
  • Mr. and Mrs. George M. Ulmer Jr.
In memory of Howard Douglas Arnold, Sr.
  • Thomas and Cheryl Butcher
  • Mr. Steve McLoughlin and Family
  • Nicole O’Brien
  • Todd Winston
  • Division of Inclusion and Equity, Grand Valley State University
  • National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education
In memory of Alan Borck
  • Mrs. Marilyn Karlan
In memory of John Puglisi
  • Ann and John Gentile
  • Anthony and Alberta Puglisi
In honor of Dr. John Bruza
  • Mr. Graeme Clapp and Ms. Anne Wright
In honor of Mrs. Mona Cheung
  • Mr. Jeffrey T. H. Cheung
In memory of Ivy Cohen
  • Charles Apothoker
  • Kathy Axelrod
  • Elizabeth and Sam Warshawer
In memory of Onie Cole
  • Mrs. Beverly Sample-Hall
  • Mr. Gregory N. Hall
In memory of Ernest and Elizabeth DeAngelis
  • Ms. Roberta DeAngelis
In memory of Joseph A. DeLorenzo
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eric Jenson
  • Ms. Sue Ellen Scott

In memory of Dorothy E. Ganie

  • Mr. James H. Edwards
  • IBM Corporation
In memory of Paul Katriel
  • Dr. Ron G. Katriel
In memory of Helen Knowles
  • Mrs. Mary Ellen Gibbons

In honor of Doris Levy

  • Mrs. Robin K. Cudrin
In memory of Helen F. Morgan
  • Ms. Natalie M. Macy
In memory of Helen B. Peterson
  • Mrs. Sue R. Arnold
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joerg Braun
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ernest P. Kollar
  • Mrs. Joanne M. Peterson
  • Mrs. Joanne S. Pucek
  • In memory of Arthur Preston
  • Mr. Dave Cronomiz
  • Exelon Corporation
In memory of Phyllis and Louis Pizzone, Sr.
  • Diane K. and James H. Erwin, Jr.
In memory of Betty Scott Stephey
  • Mr. Jack G. Kevorkian
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sullivan
In memory of Edith Tucker
  • Mrs. Barbara A. Reeves
In memory of Theodore Vanett
  • Todd C. Vanett, Esq. 
In memory of Albina Wallis
  • Dr. George T. Furst
In honor of Steven E. Arnold, MD
  • Mr. and Mrs. R. Neal Ensley
In honor of Felicia Greenfield
  • Mr. Thomas Steiner and Ms. Prudence Dalrymple 
In honor of Joseph O’Brien
  • Mrs. Eileen Ruggiero
In honor of Joanne Ruser
  • Ms. Margaret Russell

Gifts to $99

  • Mr. and Mrs. Shahan Balian
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Beers
  • Mr. Murray Borenstein
  • Ms. Elizabeth B. and James P. Delaney
  • Ms. Dorris J. Chew
  • Mr. and Mrs. James E. Corbett
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Dinardo
  • Ms. Fay S. Durk
  • Mrs. Edith A. Ferris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Hanson
  • Ms. Almeda Henry
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Iacocca
  • Ms. Rosalie Jacobs
  • Mr. John P. Kilroy
  • Ms. Ruth E. Kurtz
  • Ms. Arcondia Lacas
  • Mr. Daniel Leder
  • Ms. Kathleen McGrann
  • Ms. Margaret McNally
  • Ms. Marjorie Meyermann
  • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Miller
  • Mr. David Nielsen
  • Mr. Victor Ofori
  • Mr. and Mrs. John K. Osborne Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brent L. Peterson
  • Mr. Theodore Payne and Mrs. Dorothy Davidson
  • Ms. Eileen Redmiles
  • Mr. Elliot Rosado
  • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Roshkoff
  • Mrs. Beatrice Schulman
  • Mr. Marvin Schulman
  • Mrs. Joan Specter
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marc D. Tepper
  • Mr. James F. Titus
In memory of Howard Arnold
  • Susan Bowden
  • Lina Hartocollis and Larry Ceisler
  • Rosemary and Roy Cleveland
  • Teri Losey
  • Mary Mazzola
  • Darius Quinn and Jeanne Arnold’s CIG Friends
  • Jan and Josephine Strausser
  • Theta Chi Omega Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
In memory of Mrs. Burnell Balfour
  • Ms. Gloria B. Hopkins
In memory of Barbara E. Berry
  • Mr. Maurice Berry
In memory of Jacqueline Bilker
  • Mr. Michael Bilker
In memory of Emily Camardo
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Camardo, Jr.
In memory of Hugh N. Crawford
  • Mr. and Mrs. Leroy W. Petters
In memory of Joseph A. DeLorenzo
  • Shawna Costello
  • George P. Endrigian & Family
  • Armand and M. Joy Fizzano
  • Greg and Stacy Smith
In memory of Esther Goldberg
  • Mrs. Michele Bacsik
In honor of Roy Hamilton
  • Mr. Robert Klein
In memory of Ernest Jacobs
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Jacobs
In memory of Dottie Kaufman
  • Mr. John Gallagher
In memory of Phokion Lacas
  • Mr. and Mrs. James C. Catrickes
In memory of Dominic P. La Rosa, Sr.
  • Ms. Helen J. LaRosa
In memory of Viola Meskin
  • Peter N. Nalitt, Esq. and Dr. Beth W. Nalitt
In memory of Steven S. Olencki
  • Diane K. and James H. Erwin, Jr.
In memory of G. Nekrancz
  • Ms. Elizabeth M. Collins
In memory of Carmen and Catherine Scicchitano
  • Mrs. Antoinette S. Gearhart
In honor of Norma and Sieg Silber
  • Mr. Cy L. Swartz
 In memory of Betty Scott Stephey
  • Mr. Robert E, Scott, Jr.
In memory of Randy Weinstock
  • Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Levin
In memory of Sue Arnold’s father
  • Mrs. Sue R. Arnold
  • Mrs. Joanne M. Peterson
In honor of Jeanne Arnold
  • Lee and Jayme Olitzky
In honor of Marguerite Borzelleca and Stanley P. Borzelleca
  • Ms. Eugenia Riley
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Borzelleca
  • Ms. Linda Sulock
In honor of Mark Rolnik
  • Beth W. Nalitt, MD

In honor of Dr. G. Schellenberg

  • Ms. Mary Susan McGorray and Mrs. Mary Kathleen McGorray