We gratefully acknowledge these donors for their gifts to the Penn Memory Center, a National Institute on Aging-designated Alzheimer’s Disease Center.


Gifts received from April 1, 2014 – March 9, 2015

Gifts of $105,000

  • Julius H. Caplan Charity Foundation

Gifts of $10,000

In honor of Eli and Janet Caplan

  • Joseph M. Field, Esquire and Mrs. Marie H. Field

Gifts of $5,000

  • Mr. Michael D. Fishbein and Mrs. Barbara L. Fishbein
In honor of Steven Arnold, MD
  • Mr. Martin Krimsky and Mrs. Merle Gross Krimsky

Gifts $2,500 – 4,999

  • Mr. John M. Paz
In memory of Paula Shmerler
  • Shmerler Foundation, Inc.

Gifts $2,000 – 2,499

  • Ms. Catherine P. Durkin

In honor of Steven E. Arnold, MD

  • Richard Fried, MD, PhD and and Fern Fried, MD

Gifts $1,500 – 1,999

In memory of Howard Arnold
  • Jeanne Arnold, EdD
  • Mrs. Gudrun Weis Arnold
  • Ms. Jessie R. Austin
  • Mr. Michael P. Bowden and Mrs. Susan Wolfson Bowden
  • Mr. Thomas Butcher
  • Ms. Rosemary Cleveland
  • Ms. Teri L. Losey
  • Ms. Mary C. Mazzola, EdD
  • Mrs. Jayne S. Olitzky
  • Mr. Jan Edwin Strausser
  • Mr. Todd Winston
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
  • Ceisler Media and Issue Advocacy
  • Grand Rapids-Kent County Convention
  • Gulph Mills Sunoco
  • National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education

Gifts $1,000 – 1,499

  • The Hofmann Family Fund
  • Mr. Jack Silverberg
  • Marjorie Seltzer Stanek, MD
  • Ms. Celestine F. Welcome

In memory of Joseph A DeLorenzo

  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael C.  Ball
  • Ms. Shawna J. Costello
  • Mr. George Endrigian
  • Mr. and Mrs. Armand P. Fizzano
  • Mr. Tom Gianni
  • Ms. Lori Hanf
  • Mr. Richard L. Mancini
  • Ms. Lisa G. Marinucci
  • Mrs. Sue Ellen Scott
  • Mr. and Mrs. Greg Smith
  • Ms. Kathleen Stretz
  • Retail Marketing Group, LLC
  • Rock-it Cargo USA, LLC

In memory of Ruth Folio

  • Ms. Joyce Leftl

In memory of Gerard Thomas

  • Peter Thomas, DO

Gifts $500 – 999

  • Deutsche Bank
  • Mr. Brian Bergin Rigney
  • South Family Foundation

In memory of Dr. Christopher M. Clark

  • Ms. Ida Newman

In honor of Dr. Steve Arnold

  • Mr. Albert Trexler

In honor of  Jason H. Karlawish, MD

  • George H. Nofer, Esq.

Gifts $250-499

  • Anonymous
  • The Philadelphia Foundation

In honor of Steven E. Arnold, MD

  • Antonia Hamilton

In memory of William J.H. Hough, Jr.

  • Mr. Charles S. Hough

In memory of Samuel Cutrufello

  • Ms. Christine Gravener
  • Mr. David P. Montgomery and Mrs. Carolyn S. Montgomery
  • Phillies

In memory of John Cornell

  • Diane J. Cornell, Esq.

In memory of Ivy Cohen

  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Apoteker
  • Ms. Kathy M. Axelrod
  • Ms. Melissa A. Macaro
  • Mrs. Elizabeth B. Warshawer

In memory of Carmencita Kasulis

  • Mrs. Ann Criel
  • Mr. Daniel Criel
  • Dr. Karl Glastad

In memory of Donald Rhoads, MD

  • Samuel and Amy Cohen
  • Marylea Klauder
  • Thomas Lloyd
  • Francis and Mary Jo Strawbridge
  • Richard and Phyllis Taylor

In honor of John and  Ruthe Buzby

  • Mr. John S. Buzby, Jr.

Gifts $100-249

  • Philip J. Ablove, Esq. and  Mrs. Marie F. Ablove
  • Mrs. Janet Plafker Burnham
  • Mrs. Esther Colasante
  • Mr. Daniel Criel
  • Mrs. Demetra C. Galazoudis
  • Mr. William T. Lawrence and Mrs. Catherine M. Lawrence
  • Ms. Nicole P. O’Brien
  • Mrs. Wendy L. Powell
  • Mr. Anu Prabu
  • Donald V. Rhoads, MD and  Mrs. Marianne S. Rhoads
In memory of Helena T. Funaro
Ms. Theresa R. Funaro
In memory of Rosy Gurfinkiel

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Redel

In memory of George Lane

  • Mr. Jonathan Nutt and Ms. Lynne M. Santaniellol

In memory of Phyllis and Louis Pizzone, Sr.

  • Ms. Diane K. Erwin and Mr. James H. Erwin, Jr.

In memory of John Puglisi

  • Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gentile
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Puglisi

In memory of Elaine H. Raith

  • Ms. Virginia M. Roberts

In memory of Louis H Schinfeld MD

  • Dr. Jay S. Schinfeld

In memory of Thomas Paul Steiner

  • Mr. Alan Kingman
  • Dr. Allen R. Myers and Dr. Ellen P. Myers

In memory of Joyce Zeller

  • William and Deboarh Hartnett

In honor of Steven Arnold, MD

  • Mr. and Mrs. R. Neal Ensley

In honor of Mona Cheung

  • Mr. Jeffrey T. H. Cheung

In honor of J. Clay Smith, Jr.

  • Ms. Andrea D. Williams

Gifts to $99

  • Mr. Anthony Manfredi, Mr. Shane Manfredi, and Mrs. Tammy A. Manfredi
  • Mr. Victor Kodzo Ofori
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brent L. Peterson
  • Mr. Deep Puri
  • Mr. Ari Senders

In memory of Jacqueline Bilker

  • Mr. Michael Bilker

In memory of Mark Etskovitz

  • Lawrence M. Levin, DMD, MD and Mrs. Robin S. Levin

In memory of Robert Frantsi

  •  Mr. Kenneth L. Graham

In memory of Akram Ali Khan

  •  Mr. Zeeshan R. Khan

In honor of Robert Lewis

  •  Nadine Flexer

In memory of Mark S. Moross

  • Anonymous

In memory of Steven S. Olencki

  • Ms. Diane K. Erwin and Mr. James. H. Erwin, Jr.

In memory of Edward C. Shober

  • Mrs. Amy Rafferty

In  honor of Steven Arnold, MD

  • Mrs. Helen M. Hagopian

In honor of Rick Boldini

  • Ms. Corrine Sylvia

In  honor of Paul Myers, Jr.

  • Mr. Anthony D. Iero

In memory of William Russell

  • Mrs. Angelina M. Atene

In  honor of Dr. Gerard D. Schellenberg

  • Miss Mary Susan McGorray

In honor of Bernie Spain’s 80th Birthday

  • Mrs. Diane Glynn

In memory of Thomas Steiner

  • Mr. Lee Vickman

In honor of David Wolk, MD

  • Mr. Edward J. Jankowsky and Mrs. Joan G. Jankowsky