Could we treat Alzheimer’s with existing drugs? Alzheimer’s Talks teleconference, July 24

Dr. Steven Arnold, Director of the Penn Memory Center and Dr. Gary Landreth, Professor of Neurosciences and Neurology and Director, Alzheimer’s Research Laboratory, Case Western
Reserve University School of Medicine, will be guests on USAgainstAlzheimer’s Alzheimer’s Talks “Could we treat Alzheimer’s with existing drugs?” teleconference on Wednesday, July 24 from 3:00 – 4:00 pm EST.

Dr. Arnold is conducting research into drug repurposing with a diabetes drug and Dr. Landreth is researching alternate uses for an existing cancer drug. They will be introduced by Dr. Guy Eakin, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at BrightFocus Foundation, a nonprofit which funds research to eradicate diseases of mind and sight, including some of this research.

Alzheimer’s Talks is a free monthly teleconference series to help individuals better understand Alzheimer’s. This call is made possible by the generous support of Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies.

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